Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil engineering is one of the most traditional engineering studies in India. British started very good schools for civil engineering studies and successfully completed some of the best public projects like Ganga canal and India’s Railway network to name few. A diploma in civil engineering will give good opportunities in industry as India is moving fast forward for infrastructure development and one the same time leave a good space for higher studies at home and abroad like B.Tech. in civil engineering.

The three year Diploma course in Civil Engineering enables the students to develop their knowledge and skill in the areas of :

  • Testing & inspection of Civil Engineering materials.
  • Soil testing, Surveying.
  • Civil engineering Drawing & estimation.
  • Planning, Design & detailing.
  • Civil Engineering Construction work.

Major subjects taught

  • Surveying.
  • Theory of structure.
  • Design of steel structure, RCC structure etc.
  • Civil Engineering drawing & estimation.
  • Geotech Engineering.
  • Transportation engineering etc.
  • Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulic structure etc.

Scope for Higher Education

Student can avail the opportunity for admission into 2nd year B.Tech course through Lateral Entry admission test.

Lesson Plan

Sl.No. Semester Title Download
1 3rd BMCT download
3 3rd EVS download
4 3rd STRUCTURAL MECHANICS (TH.1) download
5 3rd BMCT download
6 4th HE download
7 4th SD-I download
8 4th SURVEY-I(LP) download
9 4th HI download
10 5th EMST download
11 5th ECE-II download
12 5th WSWWE download
13 6th ACTE download
14 6th CT download
15 6th CT download
16 6th LAND SURVEY-II download
17 6th CM download